No Antibiotic for me.

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When you are sick how do you feel? What makes you go to the doctor? Seriously it’s 10 below zero and you get up from your warm bed, bundle yourself up and go see a doctor in hopes of getting antibiotics. But you don’t really need an antibiotic for every sneeze, cough or upset stomach. Most of the time the very answer is in how you feel.  So how do you feel when you are sick?  Yup you feel like crap and you are in the state of crapinez. Yes I made the word up but I’ll explain. 

C for Vitamin C 500mg to 1000 mg for a few days helps boost your immune system.
C is also for Cinnamon which is a powerful antioxidant when mixed with a teaspoon of honey helps sooth and improve sore throats.

R stay home and rest. Don’t go spreading your germs at work. Use your sick day.

A for apple like in Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. No more than 1-2 tsp a day. Another powerful antioxidant.

P for probiotic like lactobacillus to improve gut flow by increasing good bacteria. Found in Yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut to name a few.

I for Eye because you need to focus on seeing the positive aspects of your life. If you focus on everything wrong in your life you just attract more of it. This is the basic message of The Secret.

N for your nervous system. Practice meditation. It’s a known fact that anxiety makes your gastric juices become more elevated making your stomach sick.
N is also for nasal irrigation. It is important to flush out mucus and debris.  Neti pot to the rescue.
N for nutrition. You must eat healthy most of the time so you can help your body fight off infections

E for eucalyptus because it’s an anti- inflammatory, decongestant and anti-spasmodic. Yes it in Vick’s Vapor rub along with camphor and menthol.

Z for zinc 75 mg at first sign of a cold fights rhinovirus when started within 24 hrs. Take it for only a few days.

So stay in bed put a cool compress on your head and try these first. Leave antibiotics for when you truly need them.  Don’t forget that these things help but too much of them can also hurt you.   Please follow them in moderation. Namaste my sweet readers.

Dr. Macias
Hugs from Brooklyn.

PS I have to present today at my job and this came to mind.  I just got up and typed all this up. I am proud of myself.

All In My Head

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I haven’t been the same, since you uttered my name and now I’m going insane.  It was those words that you said.

I love you I surely do but now you left and I’m without a clue. What will I do?
Was it all in my head?

You never loved me! It was a fantasy!  Now there are tears being shed. Was it all in my head?

I still miss your lips kissing me so…
And your arms caressing me till I yelled let me go…

The highlight of my day was being with you every night.
And then you left and it wasn’t right! I cry. Was it all in my head?

Why dd you always stay through the night? Why did you always hold me so tight? Why did your eyes tell mine that you weren’t going anywhere and that we had a life to share?

I shout out that my witness is my bed but now there are just tears to be shed cause I know it was all in my head.

I actually wrote this to be lyrics for a song. What do you think? How many of us meet others that seem to just get us? We make instant bonds with them only to wake up one day and realize they have left us. I used to think there was something wrong with me but today I know that when others leave it might just mean they don’t feel worthy of the love I give them.

I know my positive attributes and what I need to work on. Sadly others just walk in a semi-comatose state, barely feeling anything and only going through motions and the minute they make a true connection they sever ties to it. They rather lose the connection early on to avoid losing the connection later on. They are lonely and look to connect but fear it at the same time. Ever wonder why some people leave their spouses when their spouses get a serious illness like cancer? Makes you think. Right? I don’t regret loving others even if at times it wasn’t returned. To quote Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem In Memoriam:27, 1850— It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Do you agree? Why or why not?


Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

All My Beauty

Listen………..!   I am no longer that caterpillar which most called ugly for now I am a beautiful butterfly!  I no longer need or want to stay within the confines of my old cocoon.  I’m not ashamed of what I once was for I have gone through my metamorphosis.

It’s still me you see except my pains and my sorrows have not broken me! Every tear I have shed has served to remind me of what I had forgotten.  I know now that I have always had these beautiful wings deeply secured within me. Today I can spread my wings out and I can fly.

Many dazzle at the beauty of my colors but you choose to see me only as an ugly caterpillar.  You are ashamed of my feelers and you join others in believing that I am nothing but a mere creepy crawling insect but I am not. Do you hear me?  I am not and actually I never was.

You can go ahead and run away from me for all I care.  You have no idea of the treasures I have hidden within the corners of my old cocoon.  And now you shall never know!! Take heed and take notice of my written words.

I am a beautiful butterfly and I can fly!!
Go ahead! Let out a sigh!

Hugs from Brooklyn,
Guady G

This entry is for those that forget how beautiful they are. You are beautiful and wonderful even if others don’t see it that way.  Love yourself!   Take care of yourself!  Keep shining because self love is not conceit if it comes from truly knowing and appreciating yourself with all your facets. Yes you are a gem!!

This is me and I love myself

This short blog is for those who have ever been bullied into feeling they are not pretty or handsome enough, smart enough or just anything enough.  I am here to tell you that you matter.  You are beautiful beyond compare. Perhaps they can’t see it.  They are blind and just not kind.  Let their words slide off you and don’t take them to heart. You stand apart because you are a gem!  Let those others keep on with their chitter chatter.  You do matter!!

I am Guady G.  MD. and this is me and I love myself.   Go ahead and show me your pic and type–This is me and I love myself as the caption.



Moving on

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If I say I don’t ever think of you I would be lying for many nights I did spend crying.

Remember when you walked out that door and said you didn’t love me anymore?

Well it’s okay because it allowed me find true love in my darkest hour.  I found someone more beautiful, more kind and smarter.

In your trivial mind I bet you can’t fathom the idea that I have moved on.  But I did and now every minute is splendid.

It took me a long time but I did it somehow.  I no longer live for you!  I live for me now!

In my life a number of men have walked away from the love I offered them. When younger I was always left feeling empty inside. It was as if their love validated me being lovable.  As a child I was bullied at school and was even told that only God would ever love me.  As a teen I was unibrowed and gawky,  my only boyfriend was blind and forget my prom nightmare (more details in a future blog).

In college I was very popular and every cute guy knew me but sadly I was just one of the guys to most of them so you could imagine my frustration.  I got married and then divorced.  All of this was just a cocktail for my growing lack of self-love.

I have been on a journey and it wasn’t until after my divorce at age 31 that I realized I didn’t need external validation.  Heck now I no longer need someone else to love me because I love myself plenty.  I am worthy of great things and so are you.  Yes you!

Sometimes a breakup can take a toll on a person’s self-worth but remember you are awesome with or without a partner because you matter.  Never forget that!  Work on yourself and learn to truly love yourself.  Once you do, you will no longer accept imitations of love especially cheap ones.  You will already know true love and that is the one you find within yourself.

Signing off
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

A Bird

I wish I were a bird so I could fly and be free.
Free to be anything. Free to be me.

I wish I were a bird so I could perch on your shoulder and take from you hand the bread that you offer.

If I were a bird I would fly high up above. Fly the great distance and be with you the one that I love.

Sadly I am not a bird and can not fly, but I have a love for you that will never ever die.

This was a short poem I wrote when I had a long distance relationship. It ended but I am always grateful for what he made me feel. Every relationship whether good or bad that ended helped with my growth as an individual.  I’m fabulous fifty and single.  I am in the best company now–my own. I learned to love myself more and not to depend on another person to define me and make me happy. I am happy all on my own.

Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

My Senses

September 5, 1971 to November 13, 1994

Dear David Liu

I would do anything to catch another glimpse of you!

I would stay in complete silence just to have your voice beat against my tympanic membrane once again!

I long for the piloerection that only your soft touch would give.

I wish I could still enjoy the smell of that cologne you loved to wear.

David I miss you!

I want to state that although you may be gone from this world you will always be alive in my memories and in my heart.  My senses and I mean all my five senses will always long for you. Rest in peace my beloved friend.

Signing off
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn